Wednesday, February 27, 2008

IBM BladeCenter


  • Pre-configured and optimized JS21 blade server with fast memory and lots of storage

  • Combines deployment flexibility of IBM BladeCenter® with ease of management

  • Takes advantage of virtualization technologies to help increase utilization and decrease costs

For success in today’s demanding marketplace, small businesses require leadership price/performance to manage their bottom line. But competing against larger companies also requires an investment in technology and innovation that has to be justifiable from day one. For high performance computing (HPC) applications such as life and earth sciences research, computer-aided engineering or business intelligence grids as well as a variety of commercial applications such as Web serving, server consolidation and retail environments, it takes more than just the claim of innovation to deliver real value.

The IBM BladeCenter JS21 Express blade server, a feature-rich, pre-configured blade, is the answer to meet the stringent requirements of small businesses for advanced technology at a very attractive price. The JS21 Express delivers many leading-edge technologies—support for the IBM AIX® and Linux® operating systems, IBM Advanced POWER™ Virtualization (APV) and AltiVec™ SIMD acceleration functionality—in a single, highly reliable, high-performance, yet cost-efficient blade server.

Specifically, the BladeCenter JS21 Express blade provides:

Common features Hardware summary
  • Single-wide blade server compatible with any BladeCenter family chassis
  • Single-core or dual-core SMP scalability
  • 64-bit IBM PowerPC 970MP with AltiVec SIMD accelerator
  • Advanced POWER Virtualization including support for Virtual LAN, POWER Hypervisor, IBM Micro-Partitioning™ (up to 40 partitions per blade), Shared processor pool, Virtual I/O Server and Integrated Virtualization Manager
  • IBM Director industry-leading systems management software
  • 2-socket single-core: 2.7 GHz1, 1 MB L2 Cache, with 2 GB 533 MHz memory standard (2 x 1 GB DIMMs)
  • 2-socket dual-core: 2.5 GHz1, 2x1 MB L2 Cache, with 4 GB 533 MHz memory standard (2 x 2 GB DIMMs)
  • 16 GB maximum memory in four DIMM slots
  • High-performance DDR2 SDRAM running at 533 MHz
  • Integrated SAS Controller plus RAID-0/1 Mirroring
  • Up to two 2.5" 10 K Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives supporting up to 219 GB maximum internal storage, one 73 GB hard drive standard
  • Integrated Broadcom 5780 controller supporting 17X PCI Express connector and Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Integrated systems management including Serial over LAN support via Ethernet
  • Enterprise reliability with light path diagnostics, IBM Predictive Failure Analysis®, ECC and IBM Chipkill™ memory
  • Support for Calibrated Vector Cooling and IBM PowerExecutive™ to monitor power and maintain optimum cooling

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